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Is Chewing Gum Good For Your Teeth?

Everyone wants a reason to smile, and with that in mind, it is important we take good care of our smiles. Even small, seemingly harmless activities can affect our teeth, and knowledge on what to avoid is helpful in maintaining a healthy smile. One of the most frequently asked question is if chewing gum is […]

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Dental Hygiene Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner, and so are the many sweets and treats that come with them. Whether it’s pie and ice cream after a big Thanksgiving meal, cocoa on a cool night, or some precious homemade cookies, there’s a lot of sugary treats around this time of year. While sugar isn’t good […]

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Importance of Regular Dental Check Ups

To many, the dentist’s office is not a place they want to find themselves. Often, this leads to poor oral care, and ultimately an unpleasant experience to right these wrongs. Having a good relationship with your dentist, and your oral care is the key to overcoming fears. This makes it very important to have regular […]

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Best Invisalign in Salt Lake City

Everybody wants to have a beautiful smile, and among the many cosmetic procedures available, straightening is important for aesthetically beautiful and overall healthy teeth. Invisalign is a proven method for straightening teeth. It is perfect for those wanting straighter alignment without some of the sacrifices and difficulties that braces require to be successful. Reason 2 […]

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Post Halloween Dental Checkup

Halloween is a favorite holiday among children of all ages. Colorful costumes and Halloween games are merely bonuses to the free candy they collect from neighbors, loved ones, and family members. Unfortunately, all this free candy can have negative effects on the health of your child’s teeth. The best way to prevent tooth decay and […]

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What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Unlike other dental procedures, cosmetic dentistry focuses on the aesthetic appearance of your teeth rather than their health or function. Many cosmetic procedures not only make teeth more beautiful, they can help the health and function of them as well. Anything from whitening to reshaping of teeth is considered to be cosmetic. These procedures give […]

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What To Do When you Lose a Tooth

Losing teeth is not just a burden faced by hockey players. There are a number of ways that adults lose teeth. And as such, it’s important to be prepared if it ever comes. Statistically, there’s a good chance that we’ll all lose a tooth or two in our adult lives. But how many of us […]

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Oral Hygiene Instructions for Kids

Tooth decay that leads to cavities is the most common disease in children. Left untreated, it can interfere with your child’s sleep, learning and speech, and can eventually lead to some serious complications that can turn dangerous for your child’s health. In order to prevent tooth decay, it is important for parents to develop a […]

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Different Types of Teeth

Have you ever wondered why we have so many different kinds of teeth? No doubt, they help us chew food, but there’s an array of other purposes they serve that often go unspoken. Teeth are vital to supporting our lips, the height of our face, and helping us form speech! As such, we wanted to […]

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