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Emergency Dental Care


Your Emergency Dentist for Salt Lake City

Emergency dental care sounds unpleasant, like the painful follow-up to an awful, unpleasant mishap—and it certainly can be. Chipped or shattered teeth, sudden, painful toothaches and bleeding, fast-onset root canal symptoms, broken crowns, cracked jaws, and many other oral maladies can happen at any time. When these types of injuries occur, they will most often require immediate professional attention in an emergency dental clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Emergency Dentistry Techniques

“Losing a tooth or damaging one or more of your teeth beyond repair doesn’t have to be the end of your beautiful smile—far from it. At Reason To Smile Dental, we use state of the art dentistry techniques to transform your painful injury into a beautiful, rejuvenated smile.”

At our Salt Lake City dentist office, we specialize in a variety of regenerative dentistry procedures and techniques. Some of our most common procedures are crowns, veneers and implants, which can take a broken, incomplete smile and turn it into a pristine example of the kind of smile we all strive for. To learn more about our emergency restorative and surgical  dentistry services, continue reading or give our helpful, friendly staff a call to discuss your situation.


Dental Implants

A dental implant is usually the best way to replace a single missing tooth. If you lose a tooth, we can replace it with an implant. When we install a dental implant, we replace your broken or missing natural tooth root with a small titanium post. This post is called a dental implant, and it is the piece that we embed in your jawbone to replace the original tooth root. When we have firmly anchored the dental implant to the jawbone, we are ready to build up a new tooth on that foundation. The general procedure is to affix a porcelain crown to the dental implant post and cement the crown tightly it in place. Once the procedure is complete, the dental implant post is hidden from sight like a natural tooth root, and only the new crown is visible. This crown looks, feels, and functions like a natural tooth, making your mouth feel whole again.

Another way in which we use dental implants is to anchor a set of dentures to a patient’s mouth. Without these anchors, you would have to rely solely on the strength of your gums to hold the dentures in place, which can fatigue jaw muscles. By anchoring patients’ dentures to their mouths with dental implant posts, we make them function much more like a regular set of teeth that don’t strain your jaw muscles or chap your gums.

To learn more about your options for veneers and dental implants, or if you have any questions about our cosmetic dentistry services, please call our Salt Lake City dental clinic today.